Project Info:

Challenge: The fast-paced and competitive nature of today’s working culture acts as a catalyst for anxiety due to work pressures. The whole idea while designing the retreat house is to explores how spaces can be designed in order to bring people from a state of overstimulation to a state of dignified calmness and composure.

Context: Udaipur, the city of lakes is the international tourist destination. The stone house is located near the natural scenic Badi lake. The house is part of the larger bowl type land profile surrounded by the Aravalli hills all around.

Curation of movement and experience: Curation started with the journey one takes from main gate on the compound to the house. the movement is designed in a way that users are not explored to large green carpet and pool till they reach to main verandah space of the house. To reach there once will have to pass through entrance plaza covered with foliage with Champa trees, then passing though the lotus pond with the sculpture which direct towards to small entrance verandah and from their one enter into the house, house then open towards the pool and grand green carpet. This walk of excitement and pauses will engage user to the landscape and spaces created for experience.

Status : Complete


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